Welcome to our Non-Profit Organization

Our goal is to help children gain knowledge, skills, and abilities in development technologies to shatter the poverty cycle and pave the way for those same children to become our new entrepreneurs, small business owners, and compete in the world economy from a technical perspective.

Mission Statement:
To ethically assist children and adults experiencing poverty with a safe place to learn computer and electronic technologies for future technological careers in Charlotte and Union County.

Short Version: Assist children in poverty to gain experience in technological development tools for future careers.

• To increase knowledge, skills, and abilities to increase success of acquiring a technological career for adults and children.

• Continue to use existing school and public locations to keep our costs low and more money going to instruction of children.

• Provide introduction, workshops, and classes highlighting electronic technologies including robotics and drones.

• Collaborate with teens and adults to strengthen presentation skills, creating reports, resume writing, and interviewing skills.

• Utilization of technological social media and news to achieve goals.

• Collaborate with teens and adults to sharpen soft skills.

• Collaborate with teens and adults to strengthen skills in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, and Video Editing.

• Collaborate with teens and adults to explore dressing for success and etiquette.

• Address areas of most technological need.

• Provide a safe environment and assistance with homework.

• Provide Financial Counseling course in conjunction with Seller Financing using Simple Interest.

• Procure Real Estate for sale to stabilize families with home ownership vs. high rent and provide a conducive environment for learning.

As a 501(3)c organization we will not attempt to influence legislation, offer grants/assistance to individuals outside the United States, engage in financial transactions (loans, payments rents, etc) with any officer, directors or trustees or any other entities under the CTLC, operate bingo or gaming activities, or provide disaster relief.

Note: We are a public charity because we receive funds from the general public, grants from individuals, government, and private foundations. We provide a direct service by educating or sponsoring children for technological careers. CTLC will provide goods, services, and funds to both individuals and organizations.

Fund Accounts:

  • General Fund. We are not brick and mortar and pay no director salaries. We just pay our development of materials, and applicable taxes. We run lean and mean with the most dollars benefiting children.
  • Coding, Robotics, and Drone Fund. We support, Waxhaw Kid Coders and Cyberkids Robotics for schools and individuals not otherwise able to pay for these amazing programs.  Additionally, we develop our own after school programs.
  • Women in Technology Fund:  A wealth of research now demonstrates enhanced business outcomes when women and other underrepresented groups occupy meaningful innovative and leadership roles.  We would love the ability to fund all girls STEM programs throughout Union and Mecklenburg counties. Our goal is to grow this coding and robotics program to recruit and train more teachers in order to create more opportunities for girls to gain exposure to computer science at a young age.  With your help we can inspire more girls and give them the tools for future success in the world of technology.
  • Tutoring Fund: Support children to get first class tutoring for math and science through Tutor Doctors and other tutor vendors.
  • Real Estate Fund: Buy real estate at discount prices through super liens and HUD to pass on savings to struggling families to benefit and stabilize the environment of the child.

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